Passionate about food

Fine Dining in Style & Luxury Algarve Weddings are owned and managed by Paul Rouse and Kate Ayres-Rouse. Originally from the UK, Paul and Kate have been professional ex-pats for much of their adult life, in a variety of locations including Spain, Cyprus, Dubai and the Caribbean before arriving in Portugal 12 years ago. They have a lifelong passion for food and wine which combines with their extensive experience in luxury leisure, tourism and events. Kate has planned and managed global events, small intimate luxury lifestyle showcases and had her own PR company specialising in food and wine where she had the pleasure to work with 2* Michelin restaurants, 5* hotels and bespoke luxury tourism companies. As an event and wedding planner, Kate is a fully paid-up member of the 'control freak' club! She is organised, efficient and calm under pressure. Creating a strong bond with her clients and couples, she believes her role is to implement the dreams and desires of her clients. With excellent local and international connections, she is dedicated to perfection and creating stylish, relaxed and beautifully presented events, be they small or large. Paul is an award-winning travel journalist who also freelancers for leading travel and lifestyle publications alongside running the catering business. His attention to detail as an editor and manager ensures that the logistical side of the business as well as the bureaucratic side meets with local and international legislation.


A chef with a pure soul

Josue Eliziario originally trained as an architect and became a university lecturer! However, his heart and soul belonged to food and he retrained at one of the world's top culinary establishments in Barcelona. After completing two seasons with Fine Dining, he left to spread his wings, working at El Celler de Can Roca in Spain, at the time the world's number one restaurant, and Casa de Cha da Boa Nova in the north of Portugal where he was part of the senior team that won its first Michelin star. Despite success in the Michelin world, the crazy world of catering drew him back and he rejoined Fine Dining as Executive Chef in 2017.

Striving to create a more organic and local kitchen and drawing on his contacts for Algarvian produce, Josue has been instrumental in taking our sourcing away from the mainstream and into the artisan local producer network. His sister now supplies fruit and vegetables to us from her organic farm in Portimão, and we age our own meat in partnership with a local butcher who sources incredible Portuguese meat from all over the country, and work with local fishmongers who provide our daily catch from the Atlantic. Josue's highly disciplined approach, architectural brain and passion for natural cuisine has seen the development of a distinctive Portuguese menu at Fine Dining alongside international classics and seasonal favourites. His tasting menus from the earth, sea and garden are the result of his attention to detail and creative passion for modern Portuguese food whilst respecting the culture and history of its origins.

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Service with a smile

Alex has been with Fine Dining for five years and is our Operations Manager. With a long history in high-end restaurant service in the Algarve, Alex is a very familiar face to our clients and takes responsibility for the day-to-day operation of our large events and ensures that they run to schedule. His analytical mind, understanding of complex logistics and an seemingly non-stop list of contacts, Alex is our go-to man for just about everything! Alex also enjoys the hands on nature of our smaller events and hosts wine pairing evenings and looks after private chef clients. He has a love of wine and has seemingly endless energy!

Alex is Ukrainian by birth and speaks fluent Russian, English and Portuguese as well as Ukrainian. He settled in the Algarve 15 years ago and is the father to two beautiful children.


Caring perfectionist!

Margarida (Maggi) has now been with Fine Dining for three years and each year continues to excel and develop her passion for personal, exact and friendly service. A firm favourite with clients, she was appointed Service Manager at the end of the 2017 season.

She also looks after our in-house decoration and can provide table posies, beautiful candle arrangements and takes a real pride in ensuring your event is as special as it can be. She is a firm favourite with children and has a natural, friendly & relaxed service style.

Her first profession saw her training as a nurse and it is Maggi's care and attention that defines her nature and her 'joie de vivre' is contagious. Originally from Lisbon, Maggi is settled in the Algarve with her three children including twin boys aged four - she tells us she comes to work for a rest! Maggi runs the service at all our events and is also head waiter for our private chef service                                                                                                                 


The Queen of Clean!

No catering company survives without some serious talent behind the scenes and nearly all of our clients know and love Tetyana, or Tati, our very own superwoman!

Tati has been with the company forever! She looks after the cleaning and the team at our central kitchen, and in the summer opens up 'Tati's Lavandaria' as she irons her way through mountains of linen, napkins, chefs' jackets and waiters' shirts - always with a smile and often some good gossip. If you want a favour from Tati we suggest you bring her 'droga' - her very own drug, namely anything with sugar!

Ukrainian by birth and with family in Portugal and the Ukraine, Tati is a force to be reckoned with and we suggest you keep her onside!